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What we do:

Project Engineering

| Packing | Material handling | Automation | Training |

Packaging plant capacity review identified that palletising robot was the rate limiting step in packaging of bagged product. New palletising robot scoped, tendered, installed, and commissioned. Packing rate increased from 700bags/hour to over 1100bags/hour with new palletising robot.

Maintenance management system implementation

| Maintenance strategies | Asset identification | Spares analysis | Training | FMECA | Reliability improvement |

Implementation of a cloud-based CMMS, including setting up asset hierarchy, identification of preventive and predictive maintenance tasks, training of maintenance and operations personnel, setting up stores/spares system. Role-out included development of dashboard to monitor effectiveness.

Process improvement

| Root cause analysis | Material handling |

Root cause analysis of flow issues with manufactured sand in large rectangular bins. Client implemented recommendation on the design of bin liners. Flow significantly improved.

Equipment commissioning

| Planning | Systems | Scheduling | Commissioning |

Management of assembly and commissioning of the first Australian Wildcat underground continuous miner.

Project management

| ALL aspects of project management from concept to commissioning | Planning | Cost management | Scheduling | Risk management | Technology evaluation | Contract negotiation | Contractor management | Commissioning | Training |

Management of the development of a new pre-cast concrete facility in NZ.

Project management

| Construction management | Scheduling | Planning | Cost management | Contract negotiation | Commissioning |

Management of the construction and commissioning of a new concrete batch plant on the Gold Coast.

Maintenance improvement

| Planning | Systems | Scheduling | Behaviour-based maintenance management | Supply chain optimisation | Resource optimisation |

Introduction of materials requirements planning systems to improve overhaul of underground mining equipment.

Construction Management

| Planning | Scheduling | Contract negotiation | Contractor management | Commissioning |

Management of construction and commissioning of new packaging line for pre-mixed construction materials.

Construction management

| Contractor management | Commissioning |

Management of the installation and commissioning of a new grist mill and case for micro brewery.

Construction management

| Contractor management | Safety management | Commissioning |

Management of the installation and commissioning of new fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks, and water chiller in an existing micro brewery.

Front end engineering for Development applications

| Mathematical modelling/simulation | Environment | Development application | Concept design | Risk register | Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods registers |

Identification and documentation of environmental aspects and impacts for new plants and upgrades. Preliminary emission modelling using simple plume modelling.

Development of concept layout sufficient for development application ensuring maximum flexibility in consented design.

Documentation of emission releases (particulates, noise, traffic, odour, water) from the plant for the purposes of detailed modelling for the development application.


| Mathematical modelling/simulation | Project cost estimation | Risk management |

Development of a mathematical model to determine the likely cost of a project using a Monte Carlo approach. Each cost estimate assumed to have a lognormal probability distribution. Model developed in Python.